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Steven Riehl


·1 min

I’ve been using Vim for a few years. I knew the basics to get the job done but I never really got into the more useful commands.

Enter VimCasts. After watching just a few videos I feel I can get around and make my edits much easier in Vim. One of the big helps is not having to move my hands away from the letters on the keyboard. No arrow keys, no mouse.

Vimcasts are produced by Drew Neil. He also has a book called Practical Vim that I may need to pick up.

One thing I’m glad he’s done is to focus on just the core Vim functionality and not rely on plug-ins. This is great because sometimes when you ssh into a new box, you don’t need those plug-ins to be there. You don’t feel crippled without your usual plug-in.

That said, one plug-in I am glad I have (and have installed for SublimeText) is EditorConfig. It keeps your indentations size and type consistent for your source files. That is a topic for another blog post though.